Wyebrook Dispatch




I never thought I’d say this, but I am ready for winter. Winter means cold. Cold kills bugs. And I am so over bugs. The flies. The mosquitos. The thousand leggers. The spiders.

I’m not one of those girls who screams for help when she sees a bug. When you live on your own, you learn pretty quickly that you either have to kill the bugs yourself or learn to cohabitate peacefully with them. I have a general rule when it comes to bugs. If they are outside, I leave them alone. If they are in the house, I squash them. Seems fair, right? Well, this morning, before I’d even had my coffee, I exterminated seven spiders. Five points of you read “exterminated” in the voice of a Dalek in your head. Doctor Who fans? Anyone? I killed several more throughout the day. I am over it.

What else happened today? It rained. It has been raining non-stop since Wednesday. Everything is saturated. The pastures look like swamps. We needed rain, but not this much! A little rain is good. A lot of rain can be problematic. Whenever you put cows in a pasture, you expect a certain amount of grass to get trampled and wasted. That’s just the nature of the grazing process. That grass then becomes decaying organic material which becomes a form of compost for the soil. However, when it is really wet like this, a lot of grass gets trampled and we end up having to move the cows from pasture to pasture faster so they always have access to good, edible grass. Right now we are running low on grass and were hoping to slow the cows down a bit to keep them out on pasture as long as possible. Once the grass runs out for the year we will put them in the barn and feed them hay. No such luck on the slowing down thing. Although next week’s warmer temperatures may actually stimulate a late-season grass growth spurt which would be great!

The rain revealed another problem. My boots leak. I don’t know when this happened, but now I have to find a time to take them back to get them replaced or repaired as they are less than a year old and covered by a warranty. That’s nice, but still inconvenient. I really do have the worst luck with boots.