BBQ Master Class
Saturday the 22nd of October, 2016
Do you consider yourself relatively proficient on the grill? Yeah, I used to as well but that all changed when I met Tony Rodgers. While working as a personal chef, restaurateur and caterer over the last 25 years, he has been on a personal quest to master the art of "Que". If you want to learn about rubs, brines, marinades, smoking, searing and eating, then please join us for the BBQ Master Class on Saturday, October 22nd. The class will begin at 2pm in the Herb Garden. Tony will begin by showing the importance of meat preparation with a thorough discussion of rubbing, brining, and marinating meat. We will cover the various techniques for BBQ'ing pork loin, pork ribs, beef short ribs and brisket. Next, he will demonstrate the best methods for slow cooking the different meats and talk about homemade sauce creation. To fill in the slow moments, we will provide complimentary Victory beer. Finally, we will sear all the meats on the infernillo before the dinner. The class is limited to 15 people and will cost $85 per person (plus tax) and includes this four course dinner. Menu:
  • Pork spare ribs with homemade BBQ sauce
  • Texas style brisket
  • Smoked pork chops with grilled apples
  • Korean BBQ short ribs
Because we have very limited space for this, we require payment ahead of time.  If you would like to reserve a spot, you can purchase on our website here or at www.wyebrookfarm.com/store    
La Tuade Class & Dinner
Sunday the 20th of November, 2016
Many cultures have their own traditions for a cold season pig slaughter, even previously our own.  We are recreating this tradition here at the farm with our La Tuade day and dinner.  The point of this day is have an even deeper understanding of what’s involved with eating meat and to fully appreciate the sacrifice involved.  I realize that this isn’t for everyone but I received more positive feedback from those that attended the Tuades in the past than any other event.