Wyebrook Dispatch




Today was Chester County Day. Every year on the first Saturday in October 30-40 private homes open to the public and people caravan about touring these homes. Proceeds from tickets go to support the Chester County Hospital. To keep things more compact, the county is divided into quadrants and the quadrants rotate hosting the event.

This year’s focus was the northwestern quadrant and Wyebrook was the 18th stop on the tour (though people don’t necessarily go in order). We expected 1,000+ visitors and had been preparing for the event all week. The market was stocked, burgers were made, and a pastured was mowed to make room for the overflow of cars.



Lauren and I missed out on a lot of the craziness as we spent the morning in Malvern at the farmers’ market. It was a slow day at the market. A lot of people must have taken advantage of the warm weather and headed off for one last weekend at the beach or something. We passed the time embroidering (me) and making friendship bracelets (Lauren). And playing with my iPhone lenses.



I always forget I have these

Malvern vendor friends!

We returned to a state of controlled chaos. Ryan and Ethan were directing traffic and parking was well-organized but there were cars everywhere! I’d been thinking we could just take the wagon around a different route and still do tours, but there was no way I could maneuver through the maze of cars. Instead I took over for Ryan who, at 2:00 p.m., still hadn’t eaten lunch.

Cars everywhere!

As cars pulled in, we asked if anyone was handicapped or disabled. If so, we directed them to park in the lot closest to the market. Everyone else was sent up the hill to the pasture. People baffle me. At least every other car when I asked “Does anyone require handicapped parking?” responded with “Mentally!” This joke got really old by the 50th time I heard it. Also, being tired, having sore feet, and/or really having to go to the bathroom don’t get you a better parking spot. Sorry.

I’m not a people person. Is it obvious?

Ryan and Ethan spent most of the morning directing traffic so they hadn’t gotten around to moving the cows or collecting the eggs. I volunteered to get eggs while the handled the cows. You know things are bad when I’m actually excited to go hang out with the chickens because it means I get a break from the people!

Now it is time for this introvert to recharge for tomorrow. I am off to curl up with a mug of cinnamon vanilla tea and an episode or two (or four) of Doctor Who.