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Grassfed Memorial Day

Grassfed Memorial Day

Post by our farm girl Becca. GIRL GONE FARMING

One thing about life on a farm is that animals don’t celebrate holidays. That means farmers don’t get holidays either. Be it Christmas or the Fourth of July, the animals need to be fed and watered every single day.

Steve is off on his honeymoon so I volunteered to hang around and help Ryan. Given that it is Memorial Day, we treated it like a weekend which means we pretty much just did chores. Arden, the girl from VA Tech, came in, too. We fed chickens, moved cattle, caught 2 pigs and 2 heifers or slaughter, and gathered eggs. We also tried to tag a new calf but after 20 minutes of searching for him in waist-high grass, we gave up and will try again tomorrow once the cows have eaten the grass down a bit.

We sell raw grassfed milk in the market now which is wonderful on many levels. We had a few half gallons left over from this past weekend and we don’t hold it over so I used some to make ricotta to take to garden night tomorrow. Unfortunately, it didn’t work as well as it normally does. I’m sure it was either the ultrapasturized cream or the bottled lemon juice. Normally I use lightly pasteurized cream and fresh lemon juice or vinegar, neither of which I had on hand. The curds and whey didn’t separate well which left me with a somewhat watery final product. Oh well!

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