Wyebrook Dispatch




Lauren is enjoying a much-needed weekend off so Emily and I ran the show at the farmers’ market this morning. Shortly after we arrived, before we were done setting up, I got a call from Steve who was back at the farm handling chores and such.

My heart sank when I saw his name on the screen. Given how our week without Ryan had gone, I just assumed he had bad news for me. I really wanted to ignore the call. After all, there wasn’t much I could do from Malvern and I couldn’t just up and leave. Emily and I drove there together; I couldn’t just abandon her. Whatever it was he would just have to deal with it or wait until I got back at 2:00. I fought off the impulse to hit “Ignore” and answered the call.

“I just wanted to let you know we got 81!” Steve shared joyfully. It took me a minute to register what he said. The last calf, the final lost soul, was back with the herd. All of the calves were in the proper pasture. He and Tiana (his wife) had counted and recounted to make sure we had all 35. It only took us a whole week to get them there, but everyone was safely where they belonged before Ryan’s return! I wanted to shout for joy, but restrained myself. I didn’t want to scare off any customers. For the first time all week, I might actually get a good night’s sleep now that I don’t have that weighing on me.

Once every 4-6 weeks we host a chef dinner where a celebrity chef, typically from Philly, comes out to the farm and prepares a 5-7 course dinner for a group of 50. I’m not normally around for them (often they are on Sundays and I am already on the road to DE), but Dean is out of town so he invited me to go and asked me to share about the farm which is what he normally does. I’ll share more about the evening tomorrow, but let me just say it was one of the best meals I’ve had. Ever.

Completely unrelated: I figured out how to work the air compressor when none of the guys could. Steve had already left for the day and Emily’s tire needed air. Steve had removed the nozzle to hook up the air wrench so he could fix the trailer wheel. He’d removed the air wrench, but hadn’t reattached the normal nozzle. Mike and Paul were trying to figure it out as I headed out for the 4:00 tour. They eventually gave up and let me try and I got it! My dad will be so proud when he reads this.