Fermentation Class Sept 10th



Product Description

Fermentation is an age old tradition for preserving foods which has become lost with the advent of refrigeration and pasteurization. Thankfully, it is making a big comeback as we now understand their importance to the human diet. The process of lacto-fermentation actually increases the amount of vitamins, enzymes and beneficial bacteria already present in most foods! It also creates new and exciting flavors that keep your meals interesting! If you’re serious about boosting your immunity and staying healthy, adding fermented foods to your diet is critical! Join me for this hands on class as we explore different cultures and recreate these life supporting foods! We will be making various vegetable, fruit and drink ferments Please join us in discovering the fun and fascination of fermentation! The class includes recipes, a jar of fermented veggies to take home and a Buffet Brunch featuring the meats and vegetables from Wyebrook Farm. Each class is $65/person and goes from 11am-2pm.  We will limit each class to 20 people.