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Fruit & Herb Infusion Class Oct 15th


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Product Description

Vinegar and alcohol infusions are an easy way to quickly preserve fresh herbs and fruits in the height of their season. Additionally, you are left with a flavorful product that can then be used to add an extra kick of fresh flavor to salad dressings, marinades, and cocktails!

At this class, you will learn everything they need to know to safely infuse vinegar or alcohol and learn about the safety concerns regarding infusing oils.

Sheila Rhodes, founder and owner of Small Batch Kitchen – a small food preserving company that specializes in low-sugar, all-natural fruit and herb spreads – You will learn the basics of infusing vinegar and alcohol, how to create custom flavor combinations, and how to use your finished infused product.  The class includes recipes, a jar of a handmade infusion and a Brunch featuring the meats and vegetables from Wyebrook Farm.   Each class is $65/person and lasts from 11am-2pm.  We will limit each class to 20 people.