Dean Carlson, owner
Dean came to Wyebrook and agriculture following the typical career track of college, 15 years on Wall Street, and then finally deciding to get a real job.  He grew up in Minnesota but has lived in Philadelphia since 2002.
Emelie Carlson
Ryan Bostdorf, Farm Manager Ryan joined Wyebrook in early 2012 from Penn State University with a degree in Animal Science and a minor in Agribusiness Management.  He gained much experience with grass based farming while working at the Haller Farm and the Penn State Swine Research Center.  His expertise in animal welfare and nutrition has be a great addition to the farm.  Ryan is from Halifax, PA in Dauphin County.
Alexi Alejandro, Head Butcher
Audra Matlack, Private Event Coordinator
Steve Stolzfus, Farm
Steve is our invaluable connection to the local community and probably the hardest working man on the farm.  Steve grew up in the Honey Brook area and seems to be a distant relative of everyone in two counties.   There is no way to explain how valuable his connections can be.  Steve has a wealth of knowledge about cows from his past experience with his own dairy herd.