Wyebrook Dispatch



The cows and calves have stopped their balling and everyone seems perfectly content with their new found freedom. It took exactly 3 days, just like Ryan said it would. All is quiet on the farm once again.

Lauren and I headed to the farmers’ market for the first time in two weeks! They didn’t have a market last week because of Thanksgiving and the weekend before I was out of town and Wyebrook went to a holiday market in the city instead of Malvern. We were glad to be back and so were our customers. However, it was cold. Really, really cold. And we had this misfortune of setting up in a shady wind tunnel. This only made matters worse. Lisa and Donna, the market coordinators, took pity on us and helped us relocate inside the pavilion which was ever so slightly warmer.

Our customers clearly have not read my post about what not to say to someone who works outside. “Stay warm” is not a helpful suggestion. How am I supposed to do that when I have no choice but to be outside and it is 35F with a windchill of 27F? Staying warm isn’t really an option. I have a much deeper respect for all the lovely vendors up in Brooklyn who showed up every Saturday year round, sun, rain or snow. Not only are they 100 miles further north, the market ran 4 hours longer than the Malvern one! I can’t even imagine how cold they must be. Next time I am in NYC on a Saturday I plan to take coffee or hot chocolate to all of them. They are a tougher breed than I am. Thankfully next week we move inside a local church!

Things at the market have slowed down a lot in the past few weeks. Most of our customers today were regulars. Now that it is cold out, people don’t come to the park for a Saturday morning stroll or play date. If you are lucky enough to live near a year-round farmers’ market, show the vendors some love by shopping there. And tell your friends to do the same. We really do appreciate it!