Market Info

Market & Butcher Shop is closed for the season!

Wyebrook Farm Market  is located in the beautiful 18th Century stone barn in the heart of the farm. We renovated this amazing building to showcase the real star of the the show which is our Wyebrook raised meat. We offer hand butchered beef, pork, lamb and chicken in our butcher shop area which can be cut to your exact specification. We also have many hard to find items such as cheek, tongue, offal, tail, marrow bones, ears, and feet.

In our kitchen, we make our own stock, render lard, cure and smoke our own bacon, grind our own burger, and make our own hot dogs and sausages. We will offer the services that used to be common from the neighborhood butcher with the added fact that the animals were raised on the same farm. Our butchers are there to be a resource for our customers to teach you about the cuts and how to cook them. If you want to know where you’re food came from and how it was raised, simply look out the back of the barn.